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The ROOT brands is a social sharing community platform joined by over a hundred thousand customers in over 60 countries in a very short time and was launched by Clayton Thomas in Nashville, Tennessee on February 2nd 2020 for and together with Dr. Christina Rahm. The idea behind Root Brands and its affiliate marketing concept is to create greatness. According to the founders it took around 40 years to make ROOT real as it is a culmination of life experiences and relationships.

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“We do not believe in what you call overnight success. If you take a look behind the curtains every overnight success is based on decades of preparation”, says Clayton Thomas, who calls himself a disruptive oppositional-defiant innovator: “I have blended my mission, purpose and vision into a new approach to customer sales. Life experiences and relationships have created our viewpoint and modelling of the ecosystem. Besides that, our engagement is also reflected in our International Science Nutrition Society membership.” This new approach has reached more than 100,000 customers and around 10,000 brand ambassadors in over 60 countries respectively in four continents. Currently, 20 salaried employees are working for the privately owned company ROOT Wellness LLC. Dr Christina Rahm, co-founder and chief science officer: “In November 2021 we reached 1 million US-Dollars monthly sales. For 2022 we expect 50 million plus. We’ve chosen Affiliate-Marketing since the society is already connected as a global network of consumers. So, it made sense to us to combine the power of word-of-mouth and a social sharing community platform.”

The ROOT Brands Founder I Clayton Thomas & Dr. Christina Rahm

And this makes ROOT actionable for everyone: “There is no upfront investment. You register as a customer and as soon as you have referred two personal customers you can become a brand ambassador.” Consequently, goals, plans and Visions for the future are big. Clayton Thomas: “We focus on TGD which stands for Total Global Domination. At the end of September 2022, we will launch Rahm Roast Coffee which is the first Xoted coffee line. This will enable coffee enthusiasts to experience freshly roasted mold and mycotoxin free beans treated with a unique detox process. We promise that this will make the best tasting cup of coffee, you have ever had.”

Further on, there is a new skin care line and a cruelty-free natural derived lip plumper smile care called Ella Pure projected for October: “And we are optimistic to have the first antiparasitic whitening toothpaste in the market at the end of this year.” Amazon is not limited to selling books, and Dr. Christina Rahm and Clayton Thomas share the same big picture: “The roots of ROOT are firmly grounded in our approach to health and greatness, but the goal is to influence multiple industries and empower our community to access amazing products and services.” 

The ROOT Brands Clayton Thomas Dr. Christina Rahm Products

ROOT’s overall success is based on the outcomes of its products and the high rate of customer satisfaction

From the very beginning, ROOT has never claimed to cure illnesses. Instead, ROOT products are designed to assist in getting rid of the bad things in our body and optimizing performance of the body. Dr. Christina Rahm and Clayton Thomas consider it as their mission to help people live their best lives.  

“For fulfilling our mission, we source products from all over the world”, is the explanation of the founder-couple. “Since we cannot restrict our self to one manufacturing plant, we cooperate with the most prestigious laboratories in the US. So, we have a specialized manufacturing facility for each product. Production takes place in Texas, New York, Florida, Las Vegas and Utah. It is based on a 90-day supply.”

Quality is assured by running tests on all batches and manufacturing according to standards that fit the pharmaceutical level: “We are able to ensure the best quality assurance possible.” Prior to production plants, seed, oil, husk, origin and even the parent plants are reviewed. This way we ensure to get natural, organic, cruelty-free, GMO free, wheat free products which are mostly vegan.”

All proprietary product formulas are based on various parts of patent pending technology and trade secrets. So far, CLEAN SLATE is the foundation and top-selling product: “However, give me back my Youth, Restore and Zero-in are runner-up with the potential to detach CLEAN SLATE as number one in sales.” As production and products are diversified, is research and development diversified: “Numerous case studies and data analysis are being conducted all over the world. In September, we partner with International Science Nutrition Society to gather information and research on products in over 60 countries. In November, we start a Health Care Provider partnership with a line called CTC (Cure the Causes) that will launch in Malta and expand worldwide by 2023.”

Also forthcoming is the skincare line ELLA PURE named after the founder-couple’s daughter Merritt Ella and Coffee that has had mold and bacteria eliminated during the roasting process, RAHM ROAST: “ROOT stands for permanent innovation which leads to patents, patent pending technology and trade secrets on a regular basis. And our social sharing business concept based on recommendation and invitation is our brightest shining highlight.”

The goal that led to the birth of ROOT Wellness LLC was to produce and market state-of-the-art premium-products that could deliver people the highest possible quality of life for their minds, bodies and spirits: “Some of our patent work includes reversal of aging and some of these concepts mixed with trade secrets have brought our assortment into becoming one of the fastest growing nutraceutical lines to date. All this driven just by our wish to give people hope and their best lives!” 

The ROOT Brands Dr. Christina Rahm Science
The ROOT Brands Dr. Christina Rahm Science

The science behind ROOT is based on profound insights into the interplay of body, mind and spirit

Life is about energy. ROOT products are concepted and formulated by Dr. Christina Rahm, who is a mother of four, a multitalented science-artist and alchemist. It is her mission and passion at the same time to solve even the greatest health issues we are confronted with by supporting physical and mental wellness.

It is common knowledge that our environment is toxic. Consequently, our bodies are toxic too. So, we need to clean the inside of our bodies and therefore we have CLEAN SLATE. Our bodies need to be restored and RESTORE does that. We need to zero in on life and perform our best. ZERO IN supports that. We need to live our best life. RELIVE Greens helps us do that. We have to support our Telomers and mitochondria, the Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide in our body so we support anti-aging. IMMUNE DEFENSE SHIELD takes care of that. We also need barriers from environmental toxins, NATURAL BARRIER SUPPORT was made for that.

Our world is toxic. So, People are toxic. Unfortunately, a mother passes her toxins on to her children. Since we all deserve the best, this is why the ROOT product line was made. If we want a healthy outside world, we need to create a healthy world inside our bodies first. That is what this line is meant to do.

The ROOT Brands Dr. Christina Rahm
The ROOT Brands Dr. Christina Rahm

Inspired by role models like Jesus, Gandhi, Muhammad, Dali Lama and Mother Teresa, Dr. Christina Rahm knew from a very early age that she wanted to heal, serve and succeed.

Dr. Christina Rahm was born in Poplar Bluff, Missouri. She grew up in a small town in Dexter, Missouri. Her mother taught music and her father was a coach and principle and later ran hospitals for the State of Missouri. He also helped with special needs fosters students and ran the Special Olympics. Christina’s ancestors came from the Middle East, Germany, Scotland, Ireland and America with Cherokee/Choctaw origin.

“I have worked for governments, philanthropies, and corporations in 85 countries world-wide”, summarizes Dr. Christina Rahm her professional activities besides ROOT: “Besides my personal mission in healing, serving and succeeding I enjoy painting, cooking, writing, skiing, volleyball and swimming. My work ethic and drive to succeed despite failure and criticism belongs to my strengths as my love for others and seeing the good in people.”

In order to get to where she is now, she always has been hard on herself and still is. It is one of her weaknesses to think, she did not help enough and could have accomplished more: “I am also hard on people in my inner circle because I expect a lot from those I love. I work on this daily but changing this attitude is a hard one to accomplish.”

ROOT Wellness LLC is a community based on mission, kindness, integrity, health, wellness, and love. I see this every day reflected through our big community of ambassadors and feel blessed.

Before she finally joined ROOT, she was in a year non-compete. So, she created the formulas and Clayton Thomas launched ROOT without her but for her: “I started as Interim CEO to take care of some issues. Later I stepped into the roles of Advisor, Board and Chief of Science and now I am the Chairman of the Board. In partnership with ROOT, I also launched environmental, educational and global philanthropy initiatives with the UN Women for Peace, Tennessee voices, Empowering Women in Agriculture and Treasured.”

It is the mixture of Dr. Christina Rahm’s Role models Gandhi, Jesus, Martin Luther King, Thomas Edison, Esther, King David, Buddha, Muhammad and Mother Teresa plus the fact that she grew up in a Christian home that contributed to her personality: “My average day is about 16 hours and ROOT enables me to focus on my passion of healing, serving and succeeding.” 

Dr. Christina RahmHer degrees: Masters of Science University of South Alabama, Doctorate Degree of Counselling Psychology Argosy University South Florida (EdD), Doctorate of Counselling Psychology University of Sarasota (EdD), Doctorate of Strategic Sciences Charter International (PhD), Honorary Doctorate Degree in Pharmaceutical Science Gracepoint University Africa (PhD) and Honorary Doctorate Degree in Humanitarian Social Services (PhD). Post Graduate work: Harvard University: Nanotechnology Graduate Certification, Cornell University: Certification in Nutrition Sciences Online Program and Certification in Pharmaceutical Developmental Sciences.

The ROOT Brands Clayton Thomas
The ROOT Brands Clayton Thomas

With the ROOT concept, we have created an entirely new approach to marketing products that is in line with free enterprise and today’s trends

The ROOT Brands multifaceted concept has created an entirely new approach to commerce. Customers are the most valuable assets for any company. And word-of-mouth marketing is the most powerful method of promotion. So, Customers are employed to do what we all do best when we enjoy the outcomes of the products or services we consume. Talking about it and referring it to other people is what the “ROOTiverse” is all about.

Clayton Thomas emphasizes that the greatest investment you can make is in yourself and in people: “The creation of the ROOTiverse is intended to reward social sharing in a manner never done prior. It has been amazing to watch a concept turning into a process first and now into a movement.” Creating outstanding outcomes and rewarding people for doing what is natural will lead to amazing things happening: “We have learned everything we need to know in kindergarten and now we just focus on that. We are rewarding show and tell in a manner never done before.”

The special spirit behind this is the underlying desire of the founders to force industries to behave like us; take care of your customers, reward them and they will take care of you. The origin of the ROOTiverse concept is the creation of a business model that focuses on pawing the road for Clayton Thomas’ wife Dr. Christina Rahm to fulfill her mission and purpose helping and healing the masses: “Health and wellness are insufficient terms for what we desire. We want to create health and greatness. Greatness has different meanings for each of us. Regarding ROOT it stands for health and wealth.”

Therefore, the concept has been designed as the personification of the true tradition of marketing: “Word of mouth and our social influence is what is valuable. ROOT reshapes social marketing.” Matter of fact, we are all connected through social media: “So, if a company wants to create outcomes for its customers it should not invest in marketing through social platforms but in its customers since they create the influence and content. Consequently, we built an entire ecosystem around a simple approach: Invest in your community!”

Too often an empty statement, ROOT is filling it with life: “We consider our ROOTiverse as the epitome of the ideal direct sales/network-marketing concept. Each of us is of great value. Money is not a necessity for having influence. Quality and outcomes plus confidence in products or services make a solid foundation. Quality products create movements. Monetizing a movement creates change.” And part of this change is to become the person inside the velvet robe.

So, ROOT’s ecosystem was built on the premise that “everybody wants to be on the list“ and came out as amazing party of greatness: “However, the only way to join the party is to get an invitation because we track the sharing on invitations. Those, who have joined the party consider our ROOT social sharing model more rewarding than anything they have seen before. We are the innovation of direct selling in the new world!” (FW)

Clayton Thomas

Clayton Thomas has a BA in Humanities with focus in business, communications and kinesiology. He has gained more than 40 years of integrative human and animal health experience, including 18 years of focusing on environmental toxicology: “I am married to my best friend and woman I came onto this planet to serve: Dr. Christina Rahm. Our four kids are Duquesne (Operations), Preston (Marketing), Crider and Merritt Ella. We have two dogs, a small Pomeranian and a gangster cat.”

Harmony is the best elixir for a happy life

Another term for harmony is homeostasis, balance. We strive to achieve balance in all aspects of lives. Work, love, family and fun are all supposed to be in balance. Our body internally is not different. Life and the body are like a beautiful mobile. We have to have balance and we need all systems working in harmony. Harmony is everything.

The ROOT Brands Clayton-Thomas Dr. Christina Rahm Lifehacks
The ROOT Brands Clayton-Thomas Dr. Christina Rahm Lifehacks

[Life hacks from the Founders]

According to Dr. Christina Rahm and Clayton Thomas we all are imperfect pieces to a perfect puzzle. And it is our individualism that makes us unique and needed: “If you condense our success hacks in just two words, you will get our most important advice for all areas of live. Create Greatness! Create Greatness whenever and wherever gates of opportunity are opening for it!”

[Success hacks für Network-Marketing] 

Humans are quantum computers and more powerful when networked. The outcomes are everything. Find what resonates with you and share that. You are not properly aligned yet, if you feel you have to sell whatever you are promoting. The true power of Trillion Dollar markets is focusing on customers. The same applies to Network-Marketing and you. Be authentic and learn to communicate. Use the power of tools, media and messaging and you will gain massive success. Network-Marketing is all about relationships and communication.

[Success hacks for dealing with failure] 

Continue to fail! Failure is the best source for entrepreneurial success. It will either make you or destroy you. The greatest successes result from continued processes of trial and error. Take a look at the stories of great inventors like Edison or the Wright brothers. It is all about trial and error. Successful people often fail and learn from it, but their failure never stops them. So, you should always fail forward. Let each loss teach you humility, drive, passion and the opportunity to perfect your approach and purpose. 

[Success hacks for inner satisfaction]

Inner satisfaction does not depend on external input. Since you were not born with a backpack, learn to accept your individuality and work on creating the best version of yourself. The key to inner satisfaction also lies in a healthy internal environment. Do not try to do the things you see others doing. Listen to yourself, find your purpose and accept what fulfills your meaning. Everything gets easy, when you understand your purpose and live with it using what makes you unique. Put a smile on someone’s face every single day.

[Success hacks for happiness]

An important key for your personal happiness lies in biochemics. Neurotoxicology and neurotransmission are essential for individual happiness. If your head is nor right, you can have everything and still feel like you have nothing.  Every ecosystem is only as strong the ROOTs it is based on. So, you need to ensure you are feeding yours with the appropriate fertilizer. Like inner satisfaction, true happiness is the result of living with purpose. Again, find your scope, use your uniqueness and put your emphasis on service.

[Success hacks for healthy living

First of all, clean up yourself and your environment.  Toxic air, water and soil contribute to an environmental disaster. Actually, you are completely toxic and have been since you were conceived. Start working to clean yourself up from head to toes and allow your body to create its balance of all body functions: homeostasis. You can never rebuild a burning building while it is still on fire.  Don’t try to find „supplements“ to address your symptoms.  Cure the cause, the rest becomes much easier when you clean up the mess first.

The ROOT Brands- Clayton Thomas Dr. Christina Rahm

Earn money with ROOT Brands multi-tier affiliate system in over 60 countries

The business concept of ROOT Brands relies on the insight that in todays digitalized world every human being’s influential potentiality is almost unlimited. Meanwhile, ROOT’s multi-tier affiliate system is present in more than 60 countries. Both founders accentuate that the rewards ROOT ambassadors receive are equivalent to their grade of influence.

“If you want to start your own ROOT Brands business all you have to do is creating your free account using the referral code that you received from the person that drove your attention on ROOT”, says co-founder Clayton Thomas passing over to the other co-founder Dr. Christina Rahm: “Than you can start sharing your referral code to your personal environment. However, we recommend that you become a customer prior to that, since it is your personal positive product experience which makes the sharing authentical.”

For higher income and higher positions, the frequency of sharing has to be increased: “Start assisting your customers in sharing. We reward infinite volume and besides the great product experiences of a growing number of people life changing financial rewards are created as a byproduct exclusively based on customer volume! The top-positions are reached by teaching others to accomplish all of that. First people grow to become leaders than they help other people to achieve the same. And while doing that they become top-leaders themselves.”

Since ROOT Brands is broad in scope the training approaches are multiple while the key is to create authentic stories that can be shared easily: “On top of that we have weekly live events on Zoom and YouTube. Our YouTube channel provides more than 200 hours of content and we also have other channels on different social platforms. Plus, many of our ambassadors are holding events in their countries.” Although most of the business happens online the approach how the message is disseminated is up to the messenger: “Our customers and ambassadors use a mix of all methods so part of the business also takes place in the so-called real world as offline word of mouth.”

The ROOT Brands multi-tier affiliate system can be accessed from everywhere in the world as long as internet, a smartphone and/or a tablet are available. “There are no personal volume requirements für earning commissions on the turnover of your affiliates”, are Dr. Christina Rahm and Clayton Thomas underlining before they finalize: “So, the entire business-concept is just about customer-consumption and -happiness!” (FW)  

The ROOT Brands


  • 02.2020
  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • More than 60 countries open for business


  • Christina Rahm
  • Clayton Thomas

Product groups

  • Detox
  • Air Purifier
  • Dietary Supplements
  • Books
  • Coffee
  • Skin care
  • Age reversal and regeneration
  • “We create Greatness!”


  • Trade Air
  • Ella Pure
  • Rahm Roast Coffee
  • Cure the Causes


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