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Claudia Lattner’s Network-Marketing Adventure Began with a Journey to South America


“If you want to achieve great things in life, you need to be ready to invest in your dream.” Claudia Lattner from Hard, Austria invested everything: energy, time, money and patience. Her dream of financial freedom and independence is now a reality. For the 36-year-old Network-Marketing representative, it all began in 2011 with a journey to South America and a relentless drive to succeed.

Just a backpack and a journey through South America in 2011

Somehow, life in Austria stopped being fun. The office job was necessary to make a living, but there was hardly any time left to enjoy life with her little daughter. Claudia Lattner felt frustrated, so in 2011 she quit her job and broke the lease on her apartment, packed just one backpack and began the journey of a lifetime together with her four-year-old daughter.

Claudia Lattner ist begeisterte Networkerin

Her own mum was already raving about Network-Marketing

The length of the trip was uncertain. “I didn’t want to merely exist – I wanted to take the time to really live life fully”, she explains. Her journey was full of new experiences, and the mother-daughter duo enjoyed this way of life. There was just one nagging question: how could they keep going once the savings started to dwindle? One day, she got a call from her mother, who was raving about Network-Marketing. Claudia Lattner had no experience with this industry, but she knew she wanted to live the life her mum was talking about. She started dreaming of the kind of work that could be done from anywhere in the world and in harmony with her family life.

Her dream income should also be higher than that of the regular 9-to-5 jobs of her past. Without even realizing it at the time, Claudia Lattner learned key lessons in South America that would help her in her future career. She learned to navigate new situations in foreign countries, make connections with strangers and build effective relationships. Her experience also gave her the courage and trust in herself to keep going, even when conditions were not 100 percent ideal. She was trekking through the jungle when her mother called and told her about a line of products and a business model that was a perfect fit for Claudia’s mentality and desires. “I was very intrigued by what I heard over the phone.”

The decision to take a chance on Network-Marketing

Network-Marketing presented a great option to finance further travel adventures for herself and her daughter. Two years later, Claudia Lattner found herself back in Austria and decided to take a chance on Network-Marketing. How could this shy and quiet woman succeed in this business, with her introverted tendencies and rather small circle of friends? She rose to the challenge and started to build her network of people, while maintaining a part-time job to secure a basic income. The affable young woman made new connections quickly, as she inspired trust in others. However, it was by no means an easy ride.


Claudia Lattner I Network-Marketing-Business

Financial freedom and independence after seven years: Claudia Lattner’s Network-Marketing breakthrough based on strong will, resilience and stamina

The lives of successful Network-Marketing representatives often look dazzling. They travel to the most beautiful places in the world, are able to combine business and lifestyle, and reap the rewards of years of hard graft they put into building their businesses. Patience, hard work, endurance and continuous effort are key.

“I loved the products of my partner company and initially put all of my efforts into building a customer base to generate revenue. At first, I didn’t even realize that Network-Marketing success is about so much more than being a good salesperson and depends in large part on building effective teams.” The Network-Marketing leader recalls refining and experimenting with her business for four years to figure things out. Quitting was not an option. Claudia Lattner has buckets of tenaciousness and knows that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Her whole life is based on one success formula: “have an idea – put it into practice – keep going and adapting until it works.”

Building the team slow but steady

“When I realized that I could support other people in achieving their goals, it really hit me what an amazing opportunity this business represented, and that I could share this opportunity with others”, she reflects. She took a slow but steady approach to building her team and made approximately 2,000 Euros a month with around 200 partners. This was not a bad result, but she was hoping for more after all these years of hard work. She became dissatisfied as her business seemed to have reached a plateau and her team partners did not meet their goals. “My side hustle was going better than it had for years, but I could not figure out how to support my team partners to enable them to earn the same four-figure commissions I was earning.”

Claudia Lattner started looking for a mentor – a professional who could take a look at her business objectively. It had to be someone who did not just give the same general advice and repeat the same well-meaning clichés she had encountered before, but someone who had their own proven track record of success. She decided to work with Daniela C. Szasz as her business coach.

With Daniela’s help and advice, Claudia reached a level of success she had not imagined in her wildest dreams. Claudia Lattner describes the coaching process as “a series of epiphanies when I found a much deeper understanding of my business.” Of course, change did not happen overnight and required consistent work and patience, but “then the magic happened.”

Claudia’s team found new momentum and growth – even on an international scale. As the structure of her team grew and her strategy of duplication began to work, new leaders started to emerge from within the ranks of her team.

Currently, her team consists of just over 5,000 partners all over Europe, and in December 2021 Claudia and her partners set a new record exceeding 1 million points. They are a tight-knit group: “Together we are so much stronger than we would be as individuals bumbling around on our own.” (sto.)

A large international team with around 5,000 partners

Momentum can be magical. Claudia Lattner was already successful, but saw potential for more. She was putting work into her team, but did not achieve the growth she envisioned – until finally the tables turned. When momentum starts building, it feels like magic. The team began to grow, duplicated itself and raised up new leaders. “If you are willing to learn and draw inspiration from people that have already achieved what you want in life, you can take a step in the right direction every single day.” Resilience is the key to success.


She quit her job, broke her lease and traveled the world with just a backpack and her four-year-old daughter

Together with her daughter Martina, who was only four years old at the time (15 today), Claudia Lattner traveled across South America. She loved exploring new countries and cultures, so her adventure lasted for two years. Upon her return to Austria, Claudia found a new adventure in Network-Marketing.

Claudia Lattner

The 36-year-old entrepreneur loves her work. Network-Marketing represents everything she ever dreamed of. She is the master of her own time and can work from anywhere in the world, while getting paid for her achievements and sales, rather than her time. She loves to share the benefits of this business model and her personal experiences with anyone who is interested.

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