Viva Life Science Inc. I USA

Das MLM / Network-Marketing-Unternehmen  FIRMA wurde JAHR von Vorname Nachname gegründet und hat seinen Hauptsitz in LAND. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Aenean commodo ligula eget dolor. Aenean massa. Weitere Infos als MEMBER abrufen.

Viva Life Science Inc.
350, Paularino Avenue,
Costa Mesa,
California 92626, USA.

Tel: +1 949 645 6100

Fax: +1 949 645 1044



D-1-3A, 06 & 08, Capital 4,
Oasis Square,
No.2, Jalan PJU 1A/7A,
Ara Damansara,
47301 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan,


VIVA Life Science goes back to the year 1985 in United States under the name of Westar Nutrition. Then Westar was a plant licensed to produce drugs permitted by FDA, USA. Since our tagline is “YOUR SUCCESS AND WELLNESS IS OUR MISSION “ and the former does not synch into it, VIVA AMERICA is formed in 1990 and so the birth of it with the concept of producing safe and natural Nutraceutical based vitamins and supplements.

Eventually VIVA America was changed to VIVA Life Science to embody the company’s commitment to a true alliance between nature and science. Over the years VIVA Life Science has made a benchmark in nutritional science for the industries in US as well as abroad!

“Bringing its’ vision and mission to the South East Asia and in 1994, VIVA Life Science started in Malaysia. Currently the Malaysia Head Office is located in one of the most prominent commercial triangle in Petaling Jaya, with branches of Penang, Ipoh, Johor Bahru, Kota Kinabalu and Sibu. We have grown ever since and is still growing fast and strong. We have already a widespread of distribution network in most major towns of Malaysia. Simply amazing!”

VIVA Life Science has a good 30 years standing record of manufacturing experiences and is renowned for its’ intensive research and development. We have more than 50 staffs comprise of scientists, nutritionists and researchers and most of them are PhD holder. Possessing the right technology with the right team of professionals plus their diligence, the company has successfully garnered:

· 18 product patents with more than 18 patents pending.
· Product Quality Awards including Gold Award from Government of Taiwan.
· Recognition & endorsement by third party via clinical reviews on VIVA products featured in acclaimed medical journals.
· Extensive ‘Halal’ certification from IFANCA.
The hallmark of excellence is better enhanced when VIVA Life Science was featured in “Discovery Channel, USA”, the Learning Channel. To be chosen among hundreds of companies and organizations is the highest accolade in these industries!

VIVA Life Science pays back to the community by actively participating in the Corporate Citizenship Campaigns. In 1997, we launched a successful Fund Raising Campaign for the national Kidney Foundation, in 2000 organized a Fund Raising Rally with our distributors to aid the Thalassemia patients and from 2014 till 2016, three years respectively we organized Blood Donation Campaigns in support of the Pusat Darah Negara.

VIVA Life Science has already made its’ name in Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Mainland China and Hongkong. We have never stop looking for up coming countries to make our mark! With our already high quality, safe and effective products, we are still striving for the best to make life healthier, richer and simultaneously open great opportunities for everyone to have a chance to own a blissful and successful life.

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Founder I NAME
Headquarter I LAND

Firma: Firma I Plz Ort / Bundesstaat I Land

Headquarter: Land

Gründungsjahr: 2000

Gründer: Namen

CEO / Geschäftsführer: Name 

Märkte: 1+

Vertriebsform: MLM / Network Marketing / Direct Selling / Partyplan

Umsatzkategorie: Gruppe 0 I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX von X  / Übersicht


Alle Produktgruppen im Überblick:

  • – Anti-Aging-Produkte
  • – Ätherische Öle
  • – CBD-Hanfölprodukte
  • – Dessous
  • – Detox
  • – Energy-Drinks
  • – Finanzdienstleistungen / Versicherungen
  • – Ganoderma / Reishi 
  • – Gesundheits- und Wellnessprodukte
  • – Gewichtsreduzierung
  • – Haarpflege 
  • – Haarwachstum
  • – Haushaltsprodukte
  • – Haushaltsgeräte
  • – Haushaltsreinigung
  • – Internet 
  • – Juice / Multi-Ingrediens
  • – Juice / Aloe Vera
  • – Juice / Noni
  • – Juice / Acai
  • – Juice / Berry
  • – Juice / Sonstige
  • – Kosmetik
  • – Körperpflegeprodukte
  • – Lebensmittel / Tee / Kaffee / 
  • – Luftfiltersysteme
  • – Nahrungsergänzungen 
  • – Nahrungsergänzungen mit DNA-Test
  • – Naturkosmetik
  • – Parfüm 
  • – Reinigungsgeräte / Staubsauger
  • – Reisen
  • – Schmuck / Accesoires
  • – Sicherheitssysteme / Alarmanlagen
  • – Strom / Energie
  • – Superfoods 
  • – Technik
  • – Telekommunikation
  • – Textilien / Mode / Accessoires / Dessous
  • – Tiernahrung
  • – Wasserfilter
  • – Wearables
  • – Weine
  • – Sonstiges
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